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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a Brighton Bathing Box?

No, Brighton Bathing Boxes are not allowed to be rented under the conditions imposed on bathing box owners under the licence conditions of the Bayside City Council.

Within Port Phillip Bay and Western Port, how many bathing boxes, boatsheds and similar structures are there? 

Approximately 1,860 with 1,315 located on the Mornington Peninsula as at 1 July 2005.

Are any listed on the Victorian Heritage Register?

Yes. H1191. Ilyuka Lime Kiln/Bathing Box (1880, 1930). 2-16 Point King Rd. Portsea.

What is the difference between a bathing box and a boatshed?

Scale, proportion and function

Approximate Length x Width x Height Roof Pitch
Bathing box 2.4m X 2.0m X 2.0m
Boatshed  6.2m X 3.0m X 2.4m 30º 

Are there architectural or construction guidelines?

Yes. Kong, A. & Yttrup, P. Draft Standards for Bathing Box & Boatshed Construction. November 1996. DSE.

Who use the Brighton bathing boxes?

Bayside City Council issue annual licences to Bayside residents for personal use normally change facilities and storage of personal and other accessories. Other beach users share bay vistas, shade, the occasional step and an iconic photographic back drop.

Can licensees paint their bathing box any colour they like?

No. Bayside City Council and the Brighton Bathing Box Association
provide guidelines.

Who is responsible for beach infrastructure, user pay car parking, cleaning, rubbish removal, lighting and dog regulation enforcement throughout the year?

Bayside City Council.

Do people wishing to hold a wedding ceremony or advertising industry and
film user groups need a permit to use Dendy Street Beach?

Yes. Bayside City Council.